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I am a flight simulation hobbyist currently working on developing skills needed for building instruments, gauges, radios and controls for a C172 and for contributing to flightgear's development.

What I'm doing:

While I participate very marginally in flightgear-devel, I'm ramping up my C++11 skills, learning more about git, getting to know a few editors, IDEs, Build and Debugging tools.  I hope to eventually be able 24-7 to build and effectively debug flightgear on any operating system, and to be able to support anyone else wishing to do so.

Callahanp - Flightgear From Scratch

At the same time, I'm trying to form a coherent view of Flightgear's structure as an application.  Not as a user, but as a developer.  This involves gaining knowledge of the various subsystems that make up flightgear, the underlying technologies each subsystem uses and the flow of control and data  between these subsystems.

Callahanp - Flightgear Technical Manual

Flightgear and Simgear Code

I personally believe that the FlightGear's core developers need to take a close look at how the project is organized and led and make some serious efforts to recruit, train and retain new project participants.

Callahanp - Flightgear Working Groups

[C172P Team on Github ]


Tools for a Flightgear Developer (see also Tools of the Trade)

From Command Line to Holding Short

From Command Line to Holding Short. A look at what gets called when you start Flightgear from the command line until you are on the runway. This is a work in progress, somewhat stalled after Eduard Auvergne's initial work on subsystems. It needs a re-vamp to make it current and publishable.

  • fgdata/doc/img Look at each image in, noting the name of the image and what the image is trying to say
  • fgdata/doc/keyboard/map.pdf Note that key bindings can be specific to an aircraft. Note that the pdf was produced from a .tex file.
  • fgdata/Docs/model-combined.eff/README.model-combined.eff Read and not What's "rembrandt" - Key terms can be pulled from this document
  • fgdata/Serial/nmeafaq.txt Garmin - Key terms can be pulled from this document. This document describes a data protocol
  • AI_doc.html
  • FGShortRef.html
  • fgdata/Docs/fschool_0.0.3.pdf
  • fgdata/Docs/index.html
  • fgdata/Docs/model-howto.html
  • and lots of others - point is you have to read them all

Once they're read, is there a way to organize them so the result is an overview?

Sure there is. Just write a book:


Working on Configurations for Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, Atom, Eclipse and QTCreator IDEs

Figuring out how to contribute to FlightGear

Getting things done in Flightgear

As part of my Cockpit Building efforts, I'm also working on


 Email Callahanp through the wiki

I show up occasionally on discord, #flightgear on and am a member of several public forums related to cockpit building.

Callahanp (talk) 09:45, 11 November 2017 (EST)

The Howtos

-- Oh yeah... those...

I'm working on these along side building my cockpit. Some of the early attempts were not that useful. My current approach is to build and document actual hardware. I hope this will be more helpful.

Current Projects: