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== Related templates ==
== Related templates ==
=== Clone or checkout templates ===
{{repo link/doc related}}
* {{tl|flightgear clone}}
* {{tl|simgear clone}}
* {{tl|fgaddon co}}
=== Source link templates ===
* {{tl|repo link}}
* {{tl|fgaddon url}}
* {{tl|flightgear file}}
* {{tl|simgear file}}
=== Commit link templates ===
* {{tl|fgaddon revision}}
* {{tl|fgdata commit}}
* {{tl|simgear commit}}
* {{tl|flightgear commit}}
[[Category:SCM Instruction Templates]]
[[Category:SCM Instruction Templates]]

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git clone git://

The following template description is not displayed when the template is inserted in an article.


To provide a consistent representation of the command to clone the FGData git repository.


{{fgdata clone
| opt  =
| post =
Any additional options to show after git clone.
Any optional text to show after the URL.


{{fgdata clone
| opt  = -v
| post = flightgear-fgdata

git clone -v git:// flightgear-fgdata

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