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<span style="font-style:italic;">
<span style="font-style:italic;">
[[FGo!]] · [[FGRun]] · [[KFreeFlight]]<br/>
[[FGo!]] · [[FGRun]] · [[KFreeFlight]]<br/>
[[FGCOM]] · [[OpenRadar]]<br/>
[[FGCOM]] · [[OpenRadar]] · [[ATC-pie]]<br/>
[[TerraSync]] · [[TerraMaster]]<br/>
[[TerraSync]] · [[TerraMaster]]<br/>
[[Atlas]] · [[Airport Diagram Generator]]</span>
[[Atlas]] · [[Airport Diagram Generator]]</span>

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Welcome to the user portal

Fly free!
Getting into the virtual air and back, safely



Getting help

  • Searching and asking for help:
  1. You will get more help if you have searched around and can give a "well informed question", so:
    • Look around at the links on this page.
    • Search the wiki.
    • Search the forum. If it do not yield much, use Google search as below.
    • Search with Google More useful than you think on the forum if you end your search string with "site:forum.flightgear.org".
  2. Giving as much information as possible, ask at the support forum or preferably a suitable sub forum.

External links

Getting started
New to FlightGear · FlightGear Manual
Frequently asked questions

Portal helpcenter.png

Common errors
Troubleshooting performance issues

Portal aircraft.png

Avionics and instruments · Aircraft lighting
Altitude · Speed · Propeller torque and P-factor
Navigation · Creating a flightplan · Weather
Communications · List of abbreviations

Aerial refueling · Aircraft carrier operations
Flying warbirds · Flying helicopters
Multiplayer · Be an air traffic controller · Multi-crew

Portal hardware.png

Joystick, yoke and rudder · Multiple displays

Portal star.png

Airports/Scenery · Flights · Challenging Airports

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Additional tools
FGo! · FGRun · KFreeFlight
FGCOM · OpenRadar · ATC-pie
TerraSync · TerraMaster
Atlas · Airport Diagram Generator

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Unique Features · Reviews
Videos · Making nice screenshots
Presentation recipe · Expo checklist