Pipistrel Virus SW

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Pipistrel Virus SW
Pipistrel Virus SW.png
Type Civilian aircraft
--aircraft= virus-sw
Status Development
Download Download the Pipistrel Virus SW aircraft package for the current stable release (2020.3).

The Pipistrel Virus SW is a family of light aircraft, built by Pipistrel Aircraft. This aircraft has great speed and is highly economical.

Aircraft help


  • Increase throttle 5-10%
  • Hit s key to start aircraft


  • Increase propeller pitch (n key)
  • Increase throttle to 100%
  • Release parking brake and take off

Development status/Issues/Todo


  • No textures have been added yet
  • Ailerons, rudder, and elevator animations haven't been added yet
  • No lights


  • No instruments have been added yet
  • No yoke and pedals have been added yet
  • No lights
  • No seats


  • The FDM is basically just generated with aeromatic with some slight modifications. It could be made more realistic yet with available data.
  • The current max speed is 90 KT/s at sea level. It should be 140 KT/s

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