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Cessna 172P Skyhawk
Type Civil aircraft, Civil utility aircraft aircraft, Glider tug
Configuratie High wing aircraft, Fixed gear aircraft
Aandrijving Propeller aircraft, Single-engine aircraft
Fabrikant Cessna
  • David Megginson
  • Gilberto Agostinho
  • Wayne Bragg
  • Juan Vera del Campo
  • onox
  • Fernando Barbosa
  • Daniel Dubreuil
  • Jonathan Schellhase
  • Israel Hernandez
  • Tuomas Kuosmanen
  • Anders Gidenstam
  • Waldo Kitty
  • algefaen
--aircraft= c172p
Status Advanced production
 FDM Stars-5.png
 Systems Stars-5.png
 Cockpit Stars-5.png
 Model Stars-5.png
Supports Tutorials Checklists
 Repository The development repository of the Cessna 172P Skyhawk.
Download The UFO comes as part of the base package.
Liveries Browse the FlightGear livery database for the Cessna 172P Skyhawk.
Forum 'Cessna 172P Skyhawk' topic on the FlightGear forum.
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