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== New Texture ==
== Nice textures for the interior ==
[I don't know where else to put this, so I added it here.]
Horacio has made a very nice new texture for the interior of the Bo 105. Get them here: “[http://www.grafikavirtual.com/fgfs/?sec=aviones.php Versión de prueba del BO-105]
There is an inconsistency in the texture mapping data of the model, the object
[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ASyBX1i4sM Here you can view a video] of the improved heli.
"fuselage" has overlapping coordinates with the rest of the model, but uses the
same texture. The following file fixes that, and also adds a new "livery.rgb"
with fake GI, which looks much nicer than the untextured current version:
Here is a screenshot using that texture:
== Gallery ==
== Gallery ==

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Bo 105
Type Helicopter
Author(s) Melchior Franz, Maik Justus (FDM)
--aircraft= bo105
Status production

MBB Bo 105 was a turbine powered helicopter introduced in the 1970s by Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm also known as PAH-1. It was later produced by Eurocopter. In FlightGear it is included among the default aircraft and is one the more well developed and easier to fly helicopters for versions 0.9.10 and 1.0. It has three selectable liveries that can be changed with Y key, included a military variant with armament that can be fired.

Aircraft help

Key Function
{/} Shutdown/Start turbines
d/D Select next/previous door
Ctrl-D Open/Close selected door
i Toggle ignition switch
m/M Shift engine balance to right/left engine
n/N Engine power adjustment up/down
r Apply rotor brake
R Toggle rotor brake
y/Y Switch to next/previous variant
Ctrl-Y Open material dialogs
, Fire machine guns/missiles
Tab Open/Close Bo105 config dialog
Middle mouse button Adjust power lever

Nice textures for the interior

Horacio has made a very nice new texture for the interior of the Bo 105. Get them here: “Versión de prueba del BO-105

Here you can view a video of the improved heli.


[[File: Sitting inside the Bo105 on the right side of the cockpit|center|border|180x180px|alt=|Bo105 cockpit.jpg]]
Bo105 cockpit.jpg 
[[File: Bo105 at a heliplatform in the FlightGear NL scenery|center|border|180x180px|alt=|FlightGearNL-9.jpg]]

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