Level Of Detail (LOD) Ranges

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Level of Detail (LOD) is controlled by three properties in FlightGear, with the following defaults values:

  • /sim/static-lod/detailed=1500
  • /sim/static-lod/rough=9000
  • /sim/static-lod/bare=30000

These properties control the distance at which various parts of the scenery become visible. They are also used by aircraft modellers to control the visibility of different aircraft parts.

We also have the following settings used for AI models:

  • /sim/static-lod/ai-range-mode-pixel=false - this is used to change the LOD model to use apparent pixel size rather than distance
  • /sim/static-lod/ai-detailed=10000
  • /sim/static-lod/ai-bare=10000 - currently commented out
  • /sim/static-lod/ai-interior=50

They are used to control the loading and visibility of scenery elements as follows:


  • Scenery tiles


  • Objects listed in scenery STG files using OBJECT_STATIC or OBJECT_SHARED verbs
  • Random scenery objects
  • Random trees
  • Random buildings
  • Building meshes using OBJECT_BUILDING_MESH_ROUGH. (Additional 1414m is added as these meshes are 2000mx2000m)

The actual visibility range is randomly distributed from /sim/static-lod/rough to twice /sim/static-lod/rough, to reduce apparent popping.


  • Building meshes using OBJECT_BUILDING_MESH_DETAILED (Additional 1414m is added as these meshes are 2000mx2000m)