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McDonnell Douglas MD-11
octal450 hangar
The MD-11F with PW Engines
The MD-11F with PW Engines
The Virtual Cockpit
The Virtual Cockpit
Type Airliner
Configuration Low wing aircraft, Monoplane aircraft, Retractable gear aircraft, Tricycle landing gear aircraft
Propulsion Trijet (Jet aircraft, Three-engine aircraft)
Manufacturer McDonnell Douglas
  • Josh Davidson (Octal450)
  • Semir Gebran (CaptB)
  • John Williams (tikibar)
  • Jormapaappa1235
Status Advanced production
 FDM Stars-5.png
 Systems Stars-5.png
 Cockpit Stars-5.png
 Model Stars-5.png
Supports Checklists Canvas
 Repository The development repository of the McDonnell Douglas MD-11.
Download Download the aircraft package.
Forum 'McDonnell Douglas MD-11' topic on the FlightGear forum.

The IDG MD-11X is an accurate, and complex recreation of the McDonnell Douglas MD-11 by Immersive Design Group. At this time, it is still in development (Pre V1.0), and is not complete yet, but this will all be corrected!

IDG MD-11X Overview


  • MD-11 (GE and PW)
  • MD-11F (GE and PW)

See the right InfoBox for the Repository, or Download. Remember to rename the aircraft's folder to "IDG-MD-11X".

In Progress/Completed

This list contains items which are working, or have been completed.

  • V1.0 Progress: 50}% completed
  • Virtual Cockpit
  • Electric System
  • Pneumatic System
  • Hydraulic System
  • Fuel System
  • IRS System
  • Instruments
  • Custom MD-11 FADEC/ATHR
  • Custom MD-11 Autopilot
  • Custom MD-11 Engine System
  • Custom MD-11 Flap System (with Limiter)
  • Custom MD-11 LSAS
  • Custom EPR Calculation
  • Flight Dynamics Engine (JSBsim)
  • GE CF6 Engines
  • PW4000 Engines
  • Canvas Displays

To Do

This list contains items that still need to be done.

  • Minor FDM Tuning
  • Altitude/Speed Predictions
  • MCDU
  • FMS
  • Icing
  • PROF

The Team

  • FDM: Joshua Davidson (Octal450)
  • Systems: Joshua Davidson (Octal450)
  • Cockpit: Jormapaappa1235, John Williams (tikibar), Joshua Davidson (Octal450)
  • Instruments: Joshua Davidson (Octal450)

Livery Packs



Thank you to the following people for their contributions to this project!

  • Necolatis: MFD System
  • Jormapaappa1235: Some 3D Models
  • tikibar: Some 3D Models
  • Various others: Liveries, Some Code, Some 3D Models, Some Textures

Aircraft help

Key Function
1 Show Captains View
2 Show First Officers View
3 Show Overhead View
4 Show Forward Pedestal View
5 Show Aft Pedestal View
6 Show AFS Panel View
F1 Disengage/Decrease Reverse Thrust
F2 Engage/Increase Reverse Thrust
E Set Idle Thrust
DEL Toggle Thrust Reversers
CTRL+B Cycle Spoilers
Shift+B Toggle Parking Brake
CTRL+D Disconnect Autothrottle
Shift+D Disconnect Autopilot