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Docker setup

Firstly, download Docker for your computer. Then check it's working

docker --version  
docker info
docker run hello-world  # Run a demo container
docker container ls -a  # List all the containers, their names and status.  Note that the hello-world is shown as "Exited"

Docker scenery toolchain image

Now retrieve the terragear toolchain image.

docker pull flightgear/terragear
docker images

You can now instantiate containers based on this image. The following command will create a container and then run an interactive bash shell on it.

docker run -i -t flightgear/terragear /bin/bash

When you exit from the bash shell, the container will be stopped. Use the following commands to list all the containers, start the container up, copy a file into it, and execute an interactive bash shell on it

docker container ls -a    # List all containers, even those stopped
docker container start <container_name>   # Start and existing container
docker container cp <source_file> <container_name>:<destination> # Copy a file into the cotnainer
docker container exec -i -t <container_name> /bin/bash   # Run a bash shell, and connect to it.

Now, when you exit, the container will continue running