Hackathon Proposal:POH Checklists

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This is an example Hackathon idea for the Virtual FSWeekend Hackathon 2020.

Title: POH Checklists

FG1000 Checklist MFD page.png
Sponsors: Stuart
Interested Parties: none
Status: n/a
Summary: n/a
Background: Stuart would like to improve how checklists are displayed within the simulator.

Stuart would be very happy to help anyone who is interested in creating either a generic MFD checklist feature, or to replace the PUI version with a better canvas implementation. [1]So if someone is looking for a Hackathon idea - using QML or Canvas to render checklists so that they look more like a traditional checklist in a POH would be quite a neat little project. [2]

The PUI checklist dialog has a bug where selecting a new group doesn't update the checklist selection combo-box. Stuart has tried various tricks to update it, but thinks it's an underlying issue with PUI itself. [3]

Hopefully as we move to using Canvas in the future we'll be able to improve the checklist display to include a set of dots linking the items.[4]

Trying to do something more complicated with Nasal and PUI is a real pain, and Stuart doesn't think it's worth the effort. One thought he had a while back was it would be nice to replace the checklist function with some Canvas window that looked a bit more like a traditional paper checklist.[5]

Details: n/a
Required skills: Nasal, Canvas
Learning Opportunities: * Aircraft checklists