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FlightGear has aircraft and other content available from 3rd-party hangars, some which are GPL compatible and also included in official distributions while others are independent. Aircraft versions range from requiring a developmental build, to being compatible with the latest primary release, to requiring an older version.

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Official hangars


The official aircraft hangar is known as FGAddon. For each FlightGear release, these aircraft are tagged and official downloads provided:

Note  The development hangar for the official aircraft has moved from Gitorious and Git to SourceForge and SVN September 2014. The aircraft at Gitorious will remain up to 17 December 2014.

For further details see the September 2014 newsletter announcement and the announcement topic on the forum.


Unofficial sites

Aircraft hangars

Old Hangars

Livery/Scenery hangars


Other FlightGear repositories/mirrors

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