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This newsletter is a draft.

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September 2015

Development news
In the hangar

Scenery Corner
Community News

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Development news

New ATC-pie release

ATC-pie logo.

A new release (r7) of ATC-pie was made available this month, whose most visible addition is a route details and map view dialog. It allows to review the analysis ATC-pie makes of assigned routes, otherwise only written in a linear string form on the strips and flight plans. It also includes a flight time estimation given a speed or an aircraft type. A text chat sender blacklist was also introduced because of recent trolls spoiling the fun in the some places.

ATC-pie route details dialog

In the hangar

F-15 updates

The McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle has received updates to the flight dynamics, external texturing, cockpit audio warnings (voice and tone), external lighting and liveries. It was observed that the chosen fixed update rate for the Canvas instruments was taking a disproportionate amount of time, so a frame rate adaptive update for these elements has been added which improves things at lower frame rates.

V1.2e Changes

  • Improved external lighting, new lighting dialog in the GUI.
  • Corrected stall warning tones, added over-g (OWS) warning tones and vocal warnings for OWS, Caution and fuel.
  • Canvas optimisations for low frame rates
  • Fix weapon selection after load when master arm selected.
  • Improved view positioning for front & backseat.
  • Reinstate comm radio support
  • FDM: Overload Warning System (OWS) limits added
  • FDM: Pitch/Roll ratio improvements (pitch ratio now takes into account CG% MAC).
  • FDM: Aileron Rudder Interconnect (ARI) system improved using the schedule in NASA-TM-72861, Figure 23
  • FDM: Corrected lateral position of external wing tanks for mass
  • FDM: Nose Wheel Steering operates in two modes; normal and the maneuvering mode
  • Improved external textures. Liveries added for 48th FW, RAF Lakenheath and 131st FW, Lambert St. Louis ANG.

F-15C Over the Alps (with updated livery)

Changes will be in 3.6, available in FGAddon and on the development site.

Space Shuttle

Work has started on re-creating the avionics of the Space Shuttle in Flightgear. For the late Shuttle fleet, this is a mixture of two layers - the interaction with the data processing system (DPS) is just as for the early Shuttle fleet (without glass cockpits and CRT screens) via text menu items. The new Shuttles have this structure embedded in the Multifunction Electronic Display System (MEDS) which offer the features of a fairly modern glass cockpit.

The simulated avionics has both these layers - here is an example of the universal pointing mode (attitude control) with the MEDS structure (edge-key controlled) on the bottom and above the DPS screen structure with which the pilot interacts via keyboard.

Space Shuttle avionics

Commands are entered as strings referencing items on the display, for instance the sequence ITEM 9 + 88.5 shown on the scratch line would set item 9 on the screen to the value of + 88.5 (if possible).

Automatic attitude control and guidance routines are developed alongside with the avionics. As of September 2015, there is support for body vector inertial pointing, tracking of Earth or the Sun and tracking a specific location on Earth as well as fully automated OMS burns.

Scenery corner

More airports with movable jetways: KSFO, EDDL, EDDH.

Community news


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