FlightGear Newsletter November 2009

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What's new in CVS

In the hangar

Scenery Corner

Dutch airports

The updated taxiways at Schiphol.

Gijs de Rooy redraw the airport layouts for some of the Netherlands' most prominent airports, including Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (EHAM), Lelystad Airport (EHLE) and Volkel Air Base (EHVK). Taxiways and tarmacs are now correctly placed and up to date with the current situations. Another big improvement over the "old" airports is the use of shoulders (those concrete borders around taxiways), just as you would encounter at the real airports. The groundnetworks for these airports have been updated or created as well.

Spending a couple of hours placing the taxiways and AI routes in TaxiDraw, Gijs was able to turn some gaunted airports into a living world!

Community News


We will write a (short) report about the event and add some pictures.

Virtual Airline News


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And finally....

UK Flight Experience Bursaries

The Royal Aero Club Trust is a UK charity that, amongst other things, provides annual bursaries for flight simulator enthusiasts to gain their first experience of real flying. The bursaries are open to UK residents aged 16 to 21. This is a really great opportunity to try flying for real (and for free). Details can be found here, and the closing date is 31st March 2010.