FlightGear Newsletter January 2015

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January 2015

Development news

ATC-pie: New ATC Client
Aircraft Documentation Generator Tool

Scenery corner


Development news

New ATC client


"Happy new year! I brought you a cake..."

A new ATC client for the FlightGear network has been announced on the forum, called ATC-pie. It is comparable to OpenRadar, but essentially designed for realism. It has begun its beta-testing phase this month, and is expected to be called stable by February.

Several testers have put their hand up to try, some quite experienced ATCs, and their feedback was very much appreciated. Both major public live maps already show connected ATC-pie clients with the appropriate ATC icon, which makes this new little program feel fully welcome in the multi-player excitement.

ATC-pie is programmed in Python3 for Qt5, so both must be installed, as well as the python3-qt5 bindings. That done, it is meant to work straight away, with no other resource to install or make/compile command to run. No need to install or update FlightGear, download scenery or fetch any external resource before it can run.

Aircraft documentation

A tool for generating documentation based on the aircraft available in FlightGear was announced on the forum. It parses it's checklists and renders a nice .PDF. It's possible for the aircraft developers to add additional information to the .PDF. The Boeing 777 series serves as an example. The documentation will be published on a central location, check out the new wiki page Documentation compiler for more information. More features for this generator are being suggested; any feedback is welcome!

Scenery Corner

TNCM Custom Scenery -- Flood Fixed

User:Legoboyvdlp has created a custom scenery that fixes the flood at TNCM. He requests that any of you that know of any other flooded airports please to notify him on his talkpage. Legoboyvdlp (talk) 18:04, 16 January 2015 (UTC) This custom scenery is available at https://github.com/legoboyvdlp/LegoTNCMScenery.


Slovenia is a small European country "on the sunny side of the Alps" User:Laserman added 3300 scenery objects, mostly power pylons but also 990 churches and 50 castles which look very nice on the hills and in the villages. Enable random buildings if your hardware can do it. screenshot: LJLJ

Suggested airports: LJCE, LJLJ, LJPZ

Suggested flight:

  • takeoff from LJCE and explore the cities Krško, Brežice and Sevnica
  • takeoff from LIPY and follow the coast to LJPZ