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|Wiki || irc.flightgear.org || #wiki
|Wiki || irc.flightgear.org || #wiki
|Forum || irc.flightgear.org || #flightgear-forum

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The FlightGear IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channel is a chat room related to everything about FlightGear. It's mostly used by developers, but it is also a good place to ask for help if you are having a question.

To enter the IRC, you need an IRC client installed on your computer. For users of Mozilla browsers (like Firefox), the plugin ChatZilla is surely a good option. You can also use XChat (Linux and Windows), Pidgin, mIRC or any other client.

The IRC chat has several channels. Unless the server is down, the main discussion takes place on the "main channel":

Host channel
Main channel irc.flightgear.org #flightgear
Emergency backup
main channel
irc.freenode.net #flightgear
Blender irc.flightgear.org #flightgear-blender
Flight School irc.flightgear.org #fg_school
Island Virtual Airways irc.flightgear.org #islandva
IFR Navigation Squawk irc.flightgear.org #airliners
Off topic chat irc.flightgear.org #fg_cantene
Wiki irc.flightgear.org #wiki
Forum irc.flightgear.org #flightgear-forum

How to get in there with ChatZilla

ChatZilla Client area

When using ChatZilla, go to your Mozilla/Firefox browser and enter irc://irc.flightgear.org. When ChatZilla has connected to the host, click "IRC" and "Join channel...". Pick the preferred channel.

To get directly to the main channel with ChatZilla, you can also enter irc://irc.flightgear.org/flightgear in your browser.

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