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Current release: 2020.3 (6 Nov 2020)
Next release: 2021.1 (-176 days from now)
See release plan for details.
This is a draft.

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Cquote1.png To get to the 3.0 goal sometime in the near future, it's probably a good idea to create a backlog of open items in the wiki and link the release plan document to that.

As usual, we don't have to be perfect for a new major release number. But the new features being the reason for the new major number should work reasonably correct. I can't tell if that's the case for Rembrandt as I didn't have the time for any tests over the last 12 month or so.

— Torsten Dreyer
  1. Torsten Dreyer (Sun, 02 Dec 2012 12:18:19 -0800). Next FlightGear release (Feb. 17 2013).


Please only add items that have a corresponding mentoring core developer, or items that have been marked as accepted in the issue tracker: https://code.google.com/p/flightgear-bugs/issues/list?can=2&q=FeatureRequest%20status%3Aaccepted

Weather (Thorsten)

  • lightfields and Rembrandt working together
  • lightfields properly supported by Basic Weather Done Done (by Stuart for 2.12)
  • lightfields integrating well with other shaders (For example, I know that the random vegetation doesn't work with lightfield shaders, and the fix that Emilian put together to allow the random buildings to work was a workaround rather than a full fix. I think this is probably something you and I will need to work on together to fix.) [1] Done Done (by Stuart and Thorsten for 2.12)
  • a redesign of the weather interfaces, basically going to the unified weather system people have been talking about - some ideas and brainstorming urgently needed! (backed by Thorsten and Stuart) Done Done (by Stuart and Vivian for 2.12)

Long-standing bugs

Then some fixes for long-standing, not really critical but annoying bugs

Eye Candy

Then maybe some cool, but not so important features to make things complete:

  • lightning (and thunder?) for thunderstorms
  • windsocks moving with ground wind rather than wind at aircraft position

Ideally, making full use of things we already have to present the best possible scenery

  • regionalized random building types
  • dedicated texture packs for the main vegetation zones
  • exploit the placement mask possibilities fully

And then, ship 3.0 with (finally) the next edition of a world scenery release, so we can really present much better visuals! So, personally I'd like 3.0 to be a release that doesn't only have cool features, but also cool features which work basically everywhere and a release that doesn't have the current snags like 'this doesn't work with that, and the GUI is counter-intuitive and so on.

Let me be the first to admit that it's much more fun doing my own stuff the way I like and then just merge it in. But if we can find consensus about any plan having to do with integration of new features and making it all work together, then I'm willing to reserve the majority of my coding time for working towards that goal. Would this be something to aim for in a 3.0 release?

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