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== To Do ==
== To Do ==
* Fly By Wire
* Cockpit Improvements
* Cockpit Improvements
* Finish Cabin
* Finish Cabin

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CS300 departing CYUL (IRL)
CS300 departing CYUL (IRL)
Type Civil aircraft, Airliner, Regional Airliner
Configuration Retractable gear aircraft
Propulsion Twinjet (Jet aircraft, Twin-engine aircraft)
Manufacturer Bombardier Aerospace
  • Joshua Davidson (it0uchpods/411)
  • Jonathan Redpath (legoboyvdlp)
  • D-ECHO
  • Suleman Siddiqui (Pakistan-1)
  • Gabriel Hernandez (YV3399)
  • Israel Hernandez (IAHM-COL)
  • Wesley Ou (C-FWES)
--aircraft= CS100
Status dev
Supports Canvas Checklists Tutorials
 Website The website for the C-Series developments.
 Repository The development repository of the C-Series.
Download Download the C-Series aircraft package for the current stable release (2020.3).
Forum 'C-Series' topic on the FlightGear forum.

The A220 (C-Series) is a bombardier made regional jet with 2 engines. It has 2 variants. A220-100 (CS100) and A220-300 (CS300). The A220 is a narrow body, twin-jet, medium range airliner. The -100 can carry 110 passengers and the -300 can carry 130 passengers.




  • Bombardier Done Done
  • Delta Airlines Done Done
  • Lufthansa/Swiss International Airlines Done Done
  • Malmo Aviation
  • Ilyushin Finance Co.
  • Gulf Air
  • Odyssey
  • Porter
  • PrivateAir
  • Merlion Virtual Airline Done Done


  • Bombardier
  • Air Baltic Done Done
  • Atlas Jet
  • lyushin Finance Co.
  • Korean Air
  • Lease Corporation
  • Republic Airways
  • Lufthansa/Swiss

To Do

  • Fly By Wire
  • Cockpit Improvements
  • Finish Cabin
  • Glareshield Radio Panel
  • FMC and CDU
  • MFD Enhancements
  • Fix A223 after A221 is decent


  • Exterior Model

Model & Effects

  • Great Exterior Model
  • 3D Cockpit with
    • clickable Autopilot
    • clickable Overhead display
    • Canvas displays
    • PFDs with system indicators
  • Additional lights


Systems & Dialogs

  • Tutorial and failure dialog (left/right engine and flaps)
  • Airport Operations (Stairs, External Power)
  • Pushback
  • Fuel Balance
  • A/C Registration