Aircraft checklists

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The Aircraft Checklists dialog

As of V2.9.0, FlightGear can display aircraft checklists in a standardized way, under Help->Aircraft Checklists.

Checklists are situated under /sim/checklists. As the checklists may be quite long, it is recommended that they are put in a separate file using the following entry in the -set.xml file for the aircraft:

 <checklists include="c172-checklists.xml"/>

Each individual checklist is created under a <checklist> XML tag, with the following sub-properties:

  • <title> The name of the checklist
  • <item> A checklist item, containing
    • <name> The item name, to appear on the left hand side of the checklist
    • <value> One or more values, to appear on the right hand side of the checklist. Second and and subsequent <value> tags are displayed underneath each other. It is recommended that the <value> tags are kept short, to minimize the size of the displayed checklist.

The following example shows a simple checklists XML file:

   <title>After Landing</title>  
     <name>Carburetor Heat</name>
     <name>Wing Flaps</name>
   <title>Getting hamburger</title>

See the c172p for an example of how this all fits together.