2020 LTS Keflavik news post draft

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This is the draft for a (potential!) news post announcing Keflavik as the default airport with screenshots. Similar to the 2018.3 LTS Honolulu announcement post. A more detailed overview of features with associated screenshots could be done as a later post.

Since Thorsten is busy this one can be crowdsourced a bit :).

The points are the most important things, someone can go through and reword the language later. Just click edit and type using plain text. Wikimarkup knowledge isn't needed :).

Update 1: The part focusing on the LTS, default airport, and Iceland improvements has been split off into a tour post here.

A preview of new features in the 2020.3 LTS "Keflavik"

This screenshot by Thorsten is probably a good headline image

Current release philosophy

As of 2018.3 LTS Flightgear has transitioned two release types:

  1. Long Term Stable (LTS) releases suitable for most users with a new featured airport
  2. Development preview releases

There will be point releases containing bugfixes and minor updates for both release types. For example, 2018.3.6 is the 6th bugfix point release for the 2018.3 LTS - it was released on 10/08/2020.

LTS releases will have bugfixes ported and the build maintained for longer. Development preview builds will be less stable, receive less testing, and are more of a construction site where large structural changes are made. Some aircraft may not work on development releases. Power users can run multiple installs of Flightgear in parallel.

There are minor improvements planned to the launcher UI in 2020.3 point releases. There are a lot of big changes planned and already underway for development preview releases after 2020.3 LTS, so they may be less stable than usual.


[Add intro mentioning: - lots updates over the last 2 years? maybe add project info: - <s?the new release format? Done - mention the person who normally does the updates got busy and a lot of progress missed receiving updates? - project status with areas of ongoing core work?]

[This turned into a intro for announcing LTS/Keflavik/Iceland, and also a piece on settings to enjoy Iceland which is also something that should be written. It's possible to focus just on these two things, and leave the features for a followup article after release.]

Welcome to Keflavik and Iceland

FG's 2020 LTS will move to the world's newest country, geologically speaking, Iceland. Keflavík International Airport (BIKF) is the featured airport for the LTS. Buildings, roads, and objects such as pylons are available as a separate download [and will/may be added to Terrasync later?].

A land of fire, smoke, and ice Flightgear models several volcanoes with multiple levels of activity: Eyjafjallajökull which disrupted aviation in 2010, Surtsey, and the brooding, powerful, Katla. There are new regional definitions for Iceland - try turning overlays on to see very high resolution ground detail.

There is a lot to discover. You can try the C172p, J3Cub (with G1000), or Twin Otter which include float variants to explore the fjords of the north west, ski variants to land on one of the many ice caps in the south west, or bush tire variants in your adventures.

Possible screenshots (also needed for the article focusing on LTS, default airport announcement, Iceland improvements): [Screenshot of shuttle landing here, preferably with current keep] [Kelfavik art installation screenshot, Iceland OSM2City pictures] [Screenshot of Surtsey, screenshot of Aurora in Iceland] [Screenshot of a volcano with no eruption?] [Screenshots: this one of Iceland terrain, maybe screenshot of overlays with transparency AA turned up high like this ] [Screenshots of varying environment sliders in Iceland] [at least one screenshot of weather in Iceland: red ice crystal halo at sunset like this]

Add more things here..possibly: - mention a few major improvements and the space shuttle (backed by high settings screenshots), or leave it for later? - Add a mention that a more detailed article about features mentioned in the changelog is underway