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The category Core Development Projects contains more than 100 wiki pages about various aspects of Flightgear Code.

This page is a review of some of them with annotations and links for specific source folders, specific source files and specific lines within those files. It will also serve as a collection point for notes on how current each page is and for specific updates to be proposed on the talk pages of each Core Development Project.

Since the purpose of this page is an independent review of existing wiki pages, This page will have a list of target topics. Details on each topic will be on this page, not on separate pages. As details are accepted by the authors of the target pages, the details will be removed and a note describing the change to the target page and the date will be left. This assumes that changes to the pages will be needed and accepted.

  • Propose Renaming so pages come out alphabetically in category
  • build a page that organizes the items by category -- Be careful this may duplicate other pages.

Core Development Projects

General Topics

Graphics related

Canvas Introduction and Overview

Canvas Internals

=== Canvas As Applied



General Development

Terrain and Airports






FDM engine feature standardization