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These are just notes. No intro, just jump in

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These are what I'm using as a bare minimum. I'll assume since you are here, you know how to obtain, install and at least start these tools. Feel free to substitute your favorites:

  • git
  • gitg
  • Atom
  • gdbgui
  • Doxygen

For Future Possible use

  • QTCreator
  • Eclipse

Keeping Flighgear materials out of $HOME:

I keep some things under $HOME on a separate disk. This prevents me from running out of disk space simply because I took on a large build project

Flightgear is one example.

cd ~/
ln -s /work/fg fg

Here's my directory structure for building with

  • $HOME
    • A separate disk to make it easy to reinstall linux. $HOME is the same as /home/$USER
  • $HOME/fg
    • Scripts I need to build and flightgear such as, and /run/debug script
    • This is actually a symlink to a folder on a separate disk from /home.
    • I do this so I can build the software I want without continually expanding my home disk's size.
    • The fg directory contains a folder for each different build of Flightgear.
      • next for running next
      • nextrti for running next with OpenRTI
      • nextd for debugging next
      • stable
      • stabled for debugging stable
    • Each of these directories contains git clones for flightgear, simgear and other projects like OSG and OpenRTI as needed.

Rather than use excessive bandwidth, when I need a fresh copy, I just run in a folder that already has a copy of the sources. Then I copy the folder over to the one I want to refresh and remove the build folder within the new one. Then run the script again to produce the executable version I want. As currently structured, requires a separate set of sources for each different version built.

Here's the atom/run/debug script I use for debugging cd $HOME/fg/

# ~/fg/debug 
$cmd = "$HOME/fg/nextd/install/flightgear/bin/fgfs \
  --fg-root=$HOME/fg/nextd/install/flightgear/bin/../fgdata/ \
  --log-level=2 \
  --fg-scenery=$HOME/fg/nextd/install/flightgear/bin/../fgdata/Scenery \
  --fg-aircraft=$HOME/fg/nextd/install/flightgear/bin/../fgdata/Aircraft \
  --fg-aircraft=$HOME/.fgfs/Aircraft/org.flightgear.fgaddon/Aircraft \
  --httpd=5401 --telnet=5400 --airport=KSFO"
 $gdbgui "$cmd"

When the source window appears, press the "r" key to start debugging.

To just look at code:

cd ~/fg atom next/flightgear/src next/simgear/simgear next/install/flightgear/fgdata

We are now ready for: Flightgear_and_Simgear_Code: From_Command_Line_to_Holding_Short