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I'm not a Flightgear Developer at this point and would like to further develop the skills I'd need to become a regular contributor.

Flightgear developers have always been helpful and welcoming, but I don't feel that my lack of experience or knowledge in particular areas is anything the developers have an urgent need or desire to fix.

So it's up to me. That's fine, but I'd like to find others who are in a similar situation with regards Flightgear in particular and Open Source Software in general. If you're out there, and want to get together off list to discuss getting up to speed, feel free to contact me directly.

-Pat Callahan

I've started reading of the flightgear C++ code and can use the Linux build chain and gdbgui to step through the initialization and main event loop in flightgear. I finished writing about it just about the time the work was done on the subsystems so its obsolete already and it remains unpublished.

Right now, I'm in the process of getting flightgear built using Eclipse and QTCreator. I'm documenting these as I progress. I hope these IDEs will provide an easier way to explore the code than just build and use gdbgui.