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Bombardier Dash8 Q400
Type Regional Turboprop
Author(s) MaverickAlex (original), FlorianK and D-ECHO (update)
--aircraft= Q400
Status Alpha
Download link=https://github.com/D-ECHO/Q200 Work In Progress, expect to be updated few times per day!

The Bombardier Q200, also known as the Bombardier Dash8 Q200, earlier DeHavilland Canada DHC8-200, is so to say the "small brother" of the Q400. Derived from the Q100, it has stronger engines creating a better performance, namely the Pratt&Whitney 123C/D combined with two six-blade propellers. It's a short-haul twin-engine turboprop airliner originally build by DeHavilland Canada, now by Bombardier Aerospace. 40 Passengers can maximal seat in its cabin (normally about 37).

Development status

While an earlier project (Dash8Q200, see github.com/D-ECHO/Dash8Q200) stalled, I restarted this project using parts of the model of the new Q400 made mainly by FlorianK. It also uses the new systems and checklists/tutorials from the Q400.

  • Exterior modelling 90}% completed mostly done, some details could be added as well as new Liveries
  • Interior modelling 90}% completed overall good, some details would be nice ;)
  • Cockpit modelling 80}% completed Quite well done although some panels are missing and not every switch is animated.
  • FDM 80}% completed Done as much as I'm able to. Maybe a JSBsim FDM later?
  • Systems 90}% completed I've done a big effort to get a realistic startup, but it still needs some work
The cockpit of the Bombardier Q200 (WIP)
The exterior of the Bombardier Q200 (WIP)
The cabin of the Bombardier Q200 (WIP)

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