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We want to develop a generic graph widget using the Canvas system. The widget shall be usable in all major placement modes, i.e. 1) dialogs, 2) standalone GUI windows, 3) aircraft instruments.

Such a widget would be useful for a whole number of purposes, including:

  • FDM/Autopilot tuning
  • Plotting internal statistics (system monitor)
  • Flight path evaluation (instructor station)

So the graph widget needs to be customizable for different plotting needs. In addition, we want to provide a PropertyPlotter implementation to directly plot properties from the property tree (altitude, speed, FDM/autopilot properties).


  • Axis
    • Range
    • Legend
  • VerticalAxis
  • HorizontalAxis
  • Style (Color, thickness)
  • Plottable
  • Graph2D
  • PropertyPlotter