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The FlightGear wiki have some missing images after a file system corruption. You can help by reporting missing images and try to find their location so that the wiki maintainers can match the lost image to the image title.


During what was planned to be a one hour maintenance downtime Wednesday 21 January 2015 the wiki crashed. The cause of the crash was possibly a file system corruption. Thankfully all the text was intact, but there is problems with some of the images.

While the very most images are intact, they have become orphaned or "detached" from the file pages and the wiki pages. In essence the images are still there, but can not be reached.

What can I do to help?

What do I do when an image is missing?

If you find missing or blank images, go to the image's file description page and copy the page title, for example File:EDAU Entry door open.jpg.

Do note that sometimes there can be thumbnails of the image, wile the original image is orphaned.

What do the maintainers need?

The maintainers need the title of the file description page.

Where do I report the missing image?

You can post the page title on the forum topic linked to below.

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