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FlightGear是一个先进的真实的飞行模拟器。它完全右志愿者编写,并以自有开源GPL软件的形式发布。您可以在这里下载。 FlightGear有一个图形用户界面。其真实程度足够于现实生活中的飞行员训练,准确的数学飞行模型足够严谨的科学研究。FlightGear的自由开放协议使它非常适合教育的探索,或者只是为了好玩。

FlightGear可以由所有有兴趣来贡献的人的扩大和改善。完整的项目代码可通过CVS获得,以GNU General Public License授权。 FlightGear的开放式架构的概念,鼓励飞行模拟器各种各样的探索,并激发了若干的相关项目

FlightGear带有一套说明文档集,特别是“手册”。这是可用的PDFHTML格式版本 。


  • Aircraft
    • FlightGear simulates aircraft from hang-gliders to jumbo jets
    • Aircraft from 14 categories are included with the basic package
    • Dozens of additional aircraft are available for download
    • You can create your own aircraft design, or edit existing models
  • Airports
    • FlightGear includes a current database of over 20,000 real airports
    • Realistic runways and taxiways (and 3D buildings at some airports)
    • Airport layouts and 3D models can be edited with free tools
  • Scenery
    • Scenery is available for the entire world
    • Accurate land elevation data is provided by NASA
    • New scenery can be downloaded automatically while you fly
    • Cities like San Francisco and Paris include 3D buildings
    • You can help create better world scenery with free software tools
  • GPL License


  • ...that FlightGear is used in several FAA approved simulators?
  • ...that you can simulate random system failures realistically?
  • ...that anyone can edit FlightGear source and contribute to the project?
  • ...that the whole city of Barcelona, Spain is available in 3D models?
  • ...that there are 3,217 articles on this wiki?