Zeppelin NT

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Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik LZ N07
Zeppelin NT.jpg
Type Airship
Author(s) Anders Gidenstam
--aircraft= /ZLT-NT









Status Development

Handling instructions

Important controls / keys

Flight controls

  • Rudder (Aileron input is transferred to the rudder for convenience.) At low speed the rudder is automatically augmented by a tail mounted side thruster controlled by the flight control system.
  • Elevator

Engines and thrust vectoring

The Zeppelin NT has a non-standard set of engine controls. The engines' throttles are controlled by govenors - the throttle levers select the desired RPM.

Engine controls

  • PgUp/PgDown - Increase/decrease selected engine RPM.
  • M/m - Leaner/richer mixture.

Thrust vectoring

  • [/] - Swivel side engines up/down. 0 - 120 degrees.
  • G/g - Swivel aft engine down/up. -90/0 degrees.
  • N/n - Decrease/increase thrust (i.e. propeller blade angle).

Take off/Landing: max RPM, use thrust levers for control.

Cruise: thrust levers for max thust, use engine RPM select for control.

Gas and Envelope

  • F/f - Open/close the gas valve.
  • Q/q - Inflate/deflate fore ballonet.
  • A/a - Inflate/deflate aft ballonet.


The Zeppelin NT has no ballast approved for inflight adjustment.

  • w - Show current on-ground weight. Only works when on the ground.
  • W - Weigh off to 700lbs heavy by adding/removing ballast. Takes about 10 seconds and is only applicable when on the ground.
  • D/d - Drop ballast in 1%/0.1% decrements.

Ground crew / Mooring mast

  • Y - Release mooring mast connection or wire.
  • U - Attach mooring wire. Only possible when close to the mooring mast.
  • y/u - Play out/winch in mooring wire.
  • Alt + click on terrain - Place the mooring mast.

Landing short of the mast and taxing up to it allows precision control. Use the rear thruster to keep the tail wheel in the air while taxing.

Cockpit and instruments

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