ZF Navy free balloon

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ZF Navy free balloon
ZF Navy free balloon.jpg
Type Gas balloon
Author(s) Anders Gidenstam
--aircraft= ZF Navy free balloon
Status Development

This is a US Navy free balloon as used for initial lighter-than-air training during the 1920s to 1940s. It is fairly representative for a type of aircraft that first flew in 1783 and soon afterwards found a shape and construction that it retained (almost) to this day.

Handling instructions

Important controls / keys

Flight controls

  • Gas valve
  • Ballast


  • W - Weigh-off to 10% of current weight by dropping ballast. Takes about 10 seconds and only works when on the ground.
  • w - Show current on-ground weight. Only works when on the ground.
  • D/d - Drop ballast in 1%/0.1% decrements.


  • F/f - Open/close the gas valve.
  • R - Rip the envelope. Use only close to the ground and when you really really want to stay there.

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