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Reading a METAR Report

Some tips on "speed reading" a METAR.

METAR KMKC 141754Z 31015G25KT 3SM -SHRA BR SCT020 BKN050 OVC100 22/17 A2991 RMK SLP128

The first set of numbers, followed by "Z" is the time of the report. After this is where the real meat of the METAR begins.

The first thing to look for is the wind report:

It is always a three digit Wind Heading in degrees followed by Wind Speed.



310* @ 15kts

or 310 degrees at 15 knots.

Another important feature to look for is Wind Gust, if there are wind gusts the speed will appear after "G"


310* @ 15kts gusting to 25 kts

Visibility comes second after the Wind.


3 Statue Miles

Visibllity is given in statue miles

Next, read the cloud cover or Sky Conditions report:

SCT020 BKN050 OVC100

Scattered, Broken, Overcast.

The last but fairly important is the "Altimiter" or barometric pressure you should set your altimiter to.


29.91 inches of mercury

Metar Abbreviations

Reading METAR Reports

(If I am wrong about anything, please correct).


An Aerodrome Forecast (TAF) is a concise statement of the expected meteorological conditions at an airport during a specified period (usually 24 hours).

Reading TAF