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== Replacing official and 3rd party aircraft on the wiki by FGMEMBERS versions ==
Hi Josh!  These pages are for sending messages to users.  When you write on someone's talk page, they recieve a notification about it.
I would like to talk about your recent changes to the Adino hangar [[Airbus A340-600HGW]] wiki page.  Specifically the conversion of this article to the FGMEMBERS aircraft.  Due to the setup of the FGMEMBERS aircraft repositories, [https://forum.flightgear.org/viewtopic.php?f=85&t=29559&start=285#p285662 in that Israel has set this up as competition to the official and 3rd party hangars], FGMEMBERS aircraft will not be accepted on this wiki.  The FGMEMBERS organisation is free to set up their own wiki to document those aircraft.  As there is deliberately no boundaries between the aircraft of different origins, every single last aircraft here can be converted to the "improved" FGMEMBERS version.  That is the ultimate goal of FGMEMBERS, and that is the simple reason why conversion of aircraft articles to the FGMEMBERS versions will never be acceptable on the official FlightGear wiki, even if the intentions are good.  Please consider alternative options for the [[Airbus A340-600HGW]] page.
[[User:Bugman|Bugman]] ([[User talk:Bugman|talk]]) 05:37, 12 June 2016 (EDT)
:: I completely understand, but I would like to point out, that I am unable to edit Andino's downloads. When Andino stopped developing the A340-600HGW, and A340-313X, I decided to take over. I have been hosting this work on FGMEMBERS, I started A340 work before I knew about the whole FGMEMBERS vs FGAddon thing, but if this bothers you, may I fork it to my repo it0uchpods/A340-600HGW and it0uchpods/A340-313X????
:: I wish FGMEMBERS was not versus FGAddon, and people could just choose what they want to use, the final stable versions, or the in dev, in progress ones.
:: [[User:it0uchpods|it0uchpods]] ([[User talk: it0uchpods|talk]]) 1724Z 061216
::: It is more FGMEMBERS vs. FGAddon + 3rd party repositories (there is no difference made there).  We all really wish that this was not the case.  But unfortunately it all comes down to one person's determination.  Anyway, I think it would sit much better with the community if you were to fork it.  Or, instead of a fork, if you wish to preserve it as is just shift the original.  Create an empty GitHub repository then, in your local copy, type:
$ git remote add it0uchpods https://github.com/it0uchpods/A340-600HGW.git
$ git push --all it0uchpods
$ git branch --unset-upstream
$ git branch --set-upstream-to=it0uchpods/master
::: [[User:Bugman|Bugman]] ([[User talk:Bugman|talk]]) 16:09, 12 June 2016 (EDT)
:::: Yep I know how to do it, I use origin as my repo, and origin2 as other repos. I will do that momentarily.
:::: [[User:it0uchpods|it0uchpods]] ([[User talk: it0uchpods|talk]]) 2039Z 061216
For the aircraft listed at [[Airliner Development Status]], could you please remove the FGMEMBERS links you added there as well?  Cheers.
[[User:Bugman|Bugman]] ([[User talk:Bugman|talk]]) 16:21, 20 August 2016 (EDT)
:: Sorry I forgot that there is still a flame war.
:: [[User:it0uchpods|it0uchpods]] ([[User talk: it0uchpods|talk]]) 2030Z 082016

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