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Adjusting the 'Adjust View Distance'

I have a little different taste than others especially when it comes to the Point of View (POV) of the cockpit. Where most pilots like to fly with a POV of 70- 80, I like to use 120. However, there is one problem with this, using a POV @ 120 causes the cockpit to look very very far away, making it almost impossible to see the instruments, unless of course you zoom it back up to a POV of 80. But you can fly using a POV @ 120 with no problem by adjusting the 'Adjust View Distance' from the 'View' menu. Simply click the dial on the 'Forward/backward' and stop where you like. For some planes, this works very well, for others, it's a disaster.

The issue: The Adjust View Distance dial is over-sensitive, if I want a view distance of '0', i would click on '0' but because it's so sensitive, I always over-shoot the '0' mark and always hit '1.0m' or '-0.9m'. The difference in view is dramatic and can be a major flying issue.

The solution: The problem is that the dial has a minimum of (-100) to a maximum of (100). The range of it is too large. We need to change the range to a smaller workable range, a good minimum and maximum is (-5m) to (5m). You could change it to (-1m) to (1m) if you wanted to. Where to change these variables? Go to Flightgear/data/GUI/dialog/pilot_offset. In the minimum and maximum field type in the new numbers, (-5m) and (5m) for Left and right, Up and Down, and Forward and Backwards. Save and quit. If you want the Adjust View Distance even more specific, decrease the range, so a good range would be (-1m) to (1m).

So, if the cockpit is too close or too far, but you don't want to change the POV, using the adjust view distance is a good way to solve the problem. Just make sure that the Adjust View Distance range is calibrated to your likings. I use (-1m) to (1m) to get the distance just right.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me via email.