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Location near Hamburg, Germany, Europe
Age constantly changing
MP callsign(s) Torsten, D-GEJL, D-GOOF
Favourite aircraft Piper PA34-200T Seneca II, Cessna C172
Website www.t3r.de
Hey - that's me!

Contact: Torsten (at) flightgear _dot_ org

  • Aircraft
  • Scenery
    • Some buildings in my home town Hamburg
    • Buildings of my home base Lubeck (EDHL)
    • Some buildings of Lelystad (EHLE)
    • My scenemodels contribs
  • Program
    • overhauled environment system
    • overhauled xml-autopilot system
    • overhauled the input system
    • added support for generic input devices (linux)
    • added the ridge lift from Patrice Poly
    • removed dozens of gcc warnings
    • overhauled the internal httpd to use mongoose httpd
    • added flite+hts_engine text-to-speech
    • overhauled the ATIS creation code
    • created the comm radio subsystem
    • Check Ohloh for commit timeline.
  • Hardware
    • Made some USB/HID input devices based on ATMega microcontroller
    • Built a FlightGear based Procedure Trainer
  • Wiki work
  • What the hack means T3r?
    • That's the acronyme for my name, only decipherable if you speak the german language.

The genuine FlightGear flight simulator is at www.flightgear.org. Fly free.

--T3r 10:33, 12 October 2010 (UTC)