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Michael Smith
Location Tennessee, United States
Age 14
Job Student
Interest(s) Sports, 3D, FlightGear
MP callsign(s) NV-MDS2
Favourite aircraft Boeing 777-200, Glaser-Dirks DG-300, Cessna C172
Website http://mdsmith2.oxyhost.com


These are the aircraft I am working on/working with at the moment:


These are the scenery areas I am working on:

Check my website for screenshots and downloads.


I am currently a FlightGear Flight Instructor and have a calendar of my availability Here. I am working on a program to train pilots for FlightGear and get together a few others to help as instructors.

I am also a part of FlightGear Flight Academy and will be helping as an instructor there.

I would like to become a pilot in real life also, and am learning aviation at home until I save up enough to take flying lessons.