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These are things I am working on, though I might work a lot slower with some than others.

Article/main namespace

Help namespace

  • Pending Pending Help:Tutorial Rewrite of Help:Tutorial (currently a redirect) to be about what a wiki is and what this wiki is about.

Category namespace

Categorization of uncategorized pages

Namespace Uncategorized pages Progress Comments
29 Jan 2014 12 Mar 2014 27 Apr 2014 1 May 2014 4 Jun 2014 8 Jul 2014 1 Aug 2014 1 Sep 2014 1 Oct 2014
Category 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 Done Done Should only contain Category:FlightGear wiki
Template 6 6 0 0 0 0 0 0 Done Done
Main 125 128 105 110 113 114 117 120 90}% completed Out of 3,216 articles in total.
Files 865 865 865 824 819 819 704 689 80}% completed Out of 7,482 files in total.

Category tree tool shortcuts

Other useful links

Template namespace

Messagebox meta template(s)

  • 90}% completed Playing with the looks of the messageboxes. See Messagebox style sandbox.
  • 70}% completed Documenting related templates to be used by a meta template.
  • 30}% completed {{messagebox}} meta template in sandbox.

Documenting undocumented templates

FlightGear wiki namespace

Style guides

They will probably in time, and with edits by many other authors, be useful to editors seeing {{cleanup}} on one of "their" pages. They will need to be scrutinized by other as well.

  • 20}% completed FlightGear wiki:Style guide. Early beginnings of an introductory style guide. Will probably in time, and with edits by many other authors, be useful to editors seeing {{cleanup}} on one of "their" pages. Need to be scrutinized by other as well.


There is unfortunately a growing need for policies. Like with categories I strongly believe that they should form a tree, with a general unspecific, very concise and more or less universally agreed on policy at the root.

As these will be used both as guidelines for users, as guidelines for users wanting help from administrators and as guidelines for administrators, there will need to be some form of consensus about them as well as a policy describing how to propose new policies, changes in existing policies and amendments to polices.