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|name          = icecode
|location = Spain
|job         = Student
|interests = Aviation, computers (software), (3D) art, free software
|callsign = icecode
|favourite = [[Cub]], [[Beechcraft B1900D]], [[Boeing 777-200]], [[CASA C-101 Aviojet]]
|website        = [http://icestar-fghangar.web44.net Ice&Star FG Hangar] '''CLOSED'''
After being an end-user that likes to fly planes, I started to be interested in contributing for FG. So I have worked on two aircrafts, the [[OH-6 and A310]].
Then I quitted making aircrafts and decided to do something better. I started a long one year project where I tried to re-implement shadows. But then Rembrandt came and there was no need anymore for that.
Since mid-summer 2012, I keep working on a stand-alone ATC client called [[FGRadar]].

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