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Location France
  • FlightGear
  • Sports like tennis, bike, snowboard
  • Mechanics
Favourite aircraft

My pseudo is Ellesse, and I'm completely new to this wiki. In a close future, I would like to create my own Aircraft on FlightGear, so I have to climb the FLightGear ladder!, beginning with some translation of the wiki! Excuse my english, this is not my mother tongue!

About me

I had never been much more interested by aircrafts, but the concentrate of technology they are is so beautiful, that I had no choice to get close to them! And now, it's a lot of fun to pilot one of them!

Me and FlightGear

I installed FlightGear this year. I had never noticed its existence in the past, that's a shame... so I bought Flight Simulator X years ago.

But what surprised me with FlightGear is it's own community. It gives a large advantage compare to other non-free simulator, with an active group of several thousand of people, if no more!