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== Using keytables ==
Hi DebianFanatic!  Welcome to the FightGear wiki.  I noticed you made some welcome additions to the [[Mainair Flash 2 Alpha]] article.  I would recommend you have a look at using keytables for this.  For example see [[Douglas A-4 Skyhawk]].  There the following wiki markup is used:
  <nowiki>{</nowiki>{{!}} class="keytable"
  ! Key
  ! Function
  {{!}} {{obr}}key press{{!}}Shift{{!}}C{{cbr}}
  {{!}} Catapult launch command
  {{!}} {{obr}}key press{{!}}Shift{{!}}L{{cbr}}
  {{!}} Carrier launch-bar engage
  {{!}} {{obr}}key press{{!}}O{{cbr}} / {{obr}}key press{{!}}Shift{{!}}O{{cbr}}
  {{!}} Hook up/down
  {{!}} {{obr}}key press{{!}}Ctrl{{!}}B{{cbr}}
  {{!}} Toggle airbrakes
  {{!}} {{obr}}key press{{!}}Ctrl{{!}}K{{cbr}}
  {{!}} Toggle spoilers
This results in the following table:
{| class="keytable"
! Key
! Function
| {{key press|Shift|C}}
| Catapult launch command
| {{key press|Shift|L}}
| Carrier launch-bar engage
| {{key press|O}} / {{key press|Shift|O}}
| Hook up/down
| {{key press|Ctrl|B}}
| Toggle airbrakes
| {{key press|Ctrl|K}}
| Toggle spoilers
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