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Flightgear and Simgear Code

This is my attempt to describe aspects of the Flightgear and Simgear Codebase as I learn how to do maintenenance, bug fixes and eventually, (one hopes!) new contributions to the project.

I learned C++ in the 1990's, but never got a chance to apply it in my work. I'm retired and now's the time.

First, I got encouragement from the core developers. Then I read a lot of stuff on the wiki about how the project actually works. Then I got to work. Detailed work. I'm not about to ask the core developers to hold my hand and walk me through it all. But of course advice is always welcome and I'll be asking a few questions on the developer's mailing list.

Here's what I've explored so far:

At this point I think these topics open for further exploration:

  • A Closer Look at Manager Modules. Code that affects what other code does in some way.
  • "Code Patterns" Found in Flightgear and Simgear
  • What's happening in the event loop. Just three calls in a loop!
  • More About Events and Event Handling? Maybe.
  • Stepping through Specific Parts of the Code
  • Visiting the Boundaries of Flightgear and Simgear. a look at things flightgear calls or customizes.
  • A look at where Flightgear is heading. Moving more code to simgear, RTI etc.

At some point while exploring the topics above, I'll be taking a closer look at some of these:


  • Telnet
  • PHI


  • Any Method to Set or Get a Property
  • The Property Tree
  • Why Properties are Tied and why you can't subscribe to them through telnet.