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Tracking down subsystems


The following script is for finding all FlightGear dependencies:

All subsystems

The result is:


/flightgear/src/flightgear-flightgear/src/Scenery/scenery.cxx: {"SGSky", SGSubsystemMgr::Dependency::NONSUBSYSTEM_HARD}}); /flightgear/src/flightgear-flightgear/src/Time/light.cxx: SGSky* thesky = globals->get_renderer()->getSky(); /flightgear/src/flightgear-flightgear/src/Time/light.cxx: SGSky* thesky = globals->get_renderer()->getSky(); }}


To check that all subsystems on a branch have been updated or refactored:

Automated test suite test creation

This script was used to generate the instanced and non-instanced subsystem system tests: