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Required Packages

This is a list of all the apt-get commands I had to do while compiling FG, SG, and OSG on a mostly clean Ubuntu (13.04) x86_64 system. It is a list of all the libraries you and your computer needs to compile FG, SG, OSG, and PLib. All you have to do is copy the full command, paste it in Terminal, enter your password, and it will download all the packages for you, and install them too. The full command is at the bottom, and I hope someone finds it useful :) sub-dependencies (dependencies of the dependencies) are not included as they are installed automatically by apt-get. If anyone sees something missing, please add it.

Package Description
git Distributed revision control system (to get SG and FG source code)
subversion revision control system (to get OSG)
build-essential standard build tools (includes gcc)
cmake cross-platform, open-source make system
cmake-curses-gui curses based user interface for CMake
libpng12-dev PNG library
libfreetype6-dev FreeType 2 font engine
libjpeg-dev JPEG library
libgif-dev GIF library
libtiff5-dev TIFF library
libxmu-dev X11 miscellaneous utility library
libxi-dev X11 Input extension library
freeglut3-dev OpenGL Utility Toolkit
libalut-dev OpenAL Utility Toolkit
libboost-dev Boost C++ Libraries
automake Tool for generating GNU Standards-compliant Makefiles
autoconf automatic configure script builder
libfltk1.1-dev Fast Light Toolkit

Command line to install all of the above listed packages:

sudo apt-get install git subversion build-essential cmake cmake-curses-gui libpng12-dev libfreetype6-dev
libjpeg-dev libgif-dev libtiff5-dev libxmu-dev libxi-dev libglut3-dev libalut-dev
libboost-dev automake autoconf libfltk1.1-dev

NOTE: On a Linux Mint 9 (Ubuntu 10.04) system this is the command I used:

sudo apt-get install git-core subversion build-essential cmake cmake-curses-gui libpng-dev libfreetype6-dev libjpeg-dev libungif4-dev
libtiff-dev libxmu-dev libxi-dev libglut3-dev libalut-dev libboost-dev ''automake autoconf'' libfltk1.1-dev libplib-dev libopenscenegraph-dev

You just need to copy that long line into a terminal and you should have all the packages you need to compile Flightgear and Simgear.


Only-a-black-screen problem
If you are a nvidia user and only get a black screen at startup, you might suffer from Ubuntu bug 982485. Have a look at comment #24 for a possible workaround.