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[https://Template:Project infrastructure/code//windows-3rd-partyGeneric git web interface is not implemented for {{repo link}}]

The following template description is not displayed when the template is inserted in an article.


This template can be used when linking to summaries of commits for the Windows-3rd-Party git repository at SourceForge. It is a subtemplate of the master {{repo link}} template designed to link to specific version control commits.


{{windows-3rd-party commit
| commit
| text       =

The parameters are:

Parameter Description Abbreviated
commit The commit identifier (git hash). This defaults to HEAD. 1 mandatory
text Text to display as the link label. t 2 optional


In this section, the following notation will be used:

Angular brackets + lower case text <xyz>
Template parameters.
Angular brackets + upper case text <XYZ>
Template constructed text.
Square brackets [xyz]
Optional text, only added if the parameter is set.
Or symbol |
The value on the left, if present, otherwise the value on the right of the symbol.


The general design is:

<cmd> <opt> [<URL> <TEXT>] <post>

Here the square brackets do not denote optional text, but will instead produce a Mediawiki link. This can be modified by setting full = 1 to produce:

<cmd> <opt> <URL> <post>

Site: SourceForge

Project page

For a normal SourceForge project page, the base URL is respectively constructed as:


SourceForge git <URL>

For the svn repository type, the <URL> value will be:


SourceForge URL <TEXT>

The link text <TEXT>, if the text parameter is not set, will simply be:

Windows-3rd-Party commit <commit>

Or if the text parameter is supplied, the <TEXT> is simply:


Plain text

To create a URL or link as plain text and avoid external links, simply use the {{#tag:tagname|content}} magic word construct:

  {{repo link
  | full = 1


To use the <code> tags:

  {{repo link
  | full = 1



Auto-generated text

{{windows-3rd-party commit | 5e28234}}

Windows-3rd-Party commit 5e28234

User supplied text

Initial {{windows-3rd-party commit | 5e28234 | text = VS2013 support}}.

Initial VS2013 support .

Parameter alias

Initial {{windows-3rd-party commit | 5e28234 | t = VS2013 support}}.

Initial VS2013 support .

Numbered parameters

Initial {{windows-3rd-party commit | 5e28234 | VS2013 support}}.

Initial VS2013 support .

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