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(Dropped the {{fgaddon file}} template, as this is now {{fgaddon aircraft source}}.)
(The {{fgaddon url}} template has been standardized.)
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* {{tl|simgear url}}
* {{tl|simgear url}}
* {{tl|fgdata url}}
* {{tl|fgdata url}}
* {{tl|fgaddon url}}<sup>1</sup>
* {{tl|fgaddon url}}
* {{tl|fgmeta url}}
* {{tl|fgmeta url}}
* {{tl|fgrun url}}
* {{tl|fgrun url}}

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The following template description is not displayed when the template is inserted in an article.


To document the master {{repo link}} template and its family of subtemplates. This template is solely designed for transcluding into these templates.


The documentation templates include:

Master template

Source link templates

URL templates

Commit link templates

Obtaining a local copy of the repository

File link templates