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[[Fokker Dr.I]]|Fokker_DrI.jpg|
[[Fokker Dr.I]]|Fokker_DrI.jpg|
[[P-51D Mustang]]|P51d-mustang.png|
[[P-51D Mustang]]|P51d-mustang.png|
[[A6M2 Zero‎]]|A6M2.gif|
[[A6M2 Zero‎]]|A6M2_fgfs-screen-166.jpg|
[[Nakajima Ki-84‎]]|ki-84.jpg|
[[Nakajima Ki-84‎]]|ki-84.jpg|
[[Focke-Wulf Fw 190]]|Fw190.jpg|
[[Focke-Wulf Fw 190]]|Fw190.jpg|

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This is the right place to add aircrafts to the lists in Aircraft, de:Flugzeuge, es:Aeronaves, etc.

The following template description is not displayed when the template is inserted in an article.


This template is used in aircraft/helicopter/vehicle gallery pages and their translations. By using and maintaining this template the translations of the gallery pages can be up to date and synchronised with the least required work possible.


{{Model Gallery | section=sectionname}} Replace "sectionname" with the section you want to include.


{{Model Gallery | section=light_civilian_aircraft}} will be replaced by a gallery structure, that contains the list of "Light civilian aircraft"


  • carrier_borne_aircraft
  • experimental
  • helicopters
  • historical_aircraft
  • light_civilian_aircraft
  • lighter_than_air
  • modern_airliners_narrowbody_midsize
  • modern_airliners_widebody_jumbo
  • modern_military_aircraft
  • science_fiction
  • spacecraft
  • ultra_light
  • vehicles
  • warbirds