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git clone https://gitlab.com

The following template description is not displayed when the template is inserted in an article.


To provide a consistent representation of the command to clone GitLab repositories.


{{openscenegraph co
| opt    =
| proj   = 
| repo   = 
| path   =
| post   =
Any additional options to show after git clone.
The name of the project, consisting of a grouping of repositories on the open source infrastructure.
The name of the repository. A GitLab project allows for multiple repositories under that project name.
Any optional text to show after the URL.


This should produce the text svn co http://svn.openscenegraph.org/osg/OpenSceneGraph/trunk osg.

{{openscenegraph co}}

svn co http://svn.openscenegraph.org/osg/OpenSceneGraph/trunk osg

Checkout of trunk with user name

This should produce the text git clone -v https://gitlab.com/extra500/extra500.git.

{{#tag:code|{{gitlab clone
| opt  = -v
| proj = extra500
| repo = extra500

git clone -v https://gitlab.com/extra500/extra500.git.

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