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Cause of the argument

On 64bit operating systems OpenSceneGraph does have the strange behavior to install into lib64 instead of lib. To get rid of that edit the file CMakeLists.txt in the OSG source directory as shown:

 sed 's|SET(LIB_POSTFIX "64" CACHE|SET(LIB_POSTFIX "" CACHE|' -i CMakeLists.txt

Hi Thorsten,

to my knowledge the native libs should go into lib. Therefore, on a 64bit system, the self compiled 64bit libraries should be installed to lib and not lib64. Non-native libraries, like 32bit ones for compatibility reasons, should go into lib32. This impression of mine seems to be supported by the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard, if I understand it correctly:

   /lib : Essential shared libraries and kernel modules

       Specific Options

   /lib<qual> : Alternate format essential shared libraries (optional)

On Debian it is handled the same way, there is no lib64 anywhere on amd64.

Anyhow, this doesn't cover Windows systems, I have no idea how it is handled there. I will edit the text respectively.

--Flughund 21:46, 17 November 2011 (EST)