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Besides the official scenery that is automatically synced while Flightgear is running, there are a number of custom sceneries available, created by users for beautifying some specific areas of the scenery. This page is a list of some suggested custom scenery for downloading and visiting. This list can not be complete as custom sceneries might come and go. Its worth to search the forum for additional custom sceneries.

Quick update, March 2020:

  • See Suggested_airports for a quick list of featured airports situated in well developed regions, with links to OSM2City scenery. It's suitable for newcomers to start at to explore surrounding regions.
  • Terrain on terrasync: Terrasync scenery which is automatically downloaded has high resolution terrain. All of Europe currently has high resolution terrain from CORINE data.
  • Terrain in custom sceneries: The page as it stands is missing almost all custom terrain. Some old island custom sceneries have been merged into the automatically downloaded sceneries terrasync. If you are the creator of a Island scenery you can add it to terrasync by contacting the flightgear-devel mailing list. Kansas/Midwest and Tennessee are two examples of custom sceneries that aren't obsolete (March 2020).
  • Project3000 adds a lot of clutter and detail to airports which do not have details. It's a must have. It is planned to be integrated into the FG core eventually. Forum thread
  • There are OSM2City buildings, roads, pylons, and so on, for entire countries and cities here. There is a current ongoing world build of OSM2City scenery (forum thread) for Flightgear 2020.1(2019.2 nightlies).
  • Regional definitions in FG core: Areas with regional definitions and materials which use recent engine features, that are in areas with reasonably high resolution terrain, have extremely high fidelity at high settings. The following list is not comprehensive, and are just off the top of my head. Areas with regional definitions and materials that were updated with recent features like overlays and hhave high resolution terrain: Hawaii, Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Mediterranean landscapes (Spain, Sicily, Portugal, southern Italy, Greece). Areas with partial overlays and developed scenery with high resolution terrain: Swizerland, Alps (in many countries), central Europe & England, Corsica. Well developed areas with regional definitions that predate overlays: Alaska, South America (lower res terrain). Somewhat recently developed areas: South Africa in places (lower res terrain).
  • Custom terrain & region definitions projects: There are ongoing scenery enhancement projects to update both regional definitions and terrain in large areas like the Australia_Custom_Scenery Australia/Pacific (regional definitions are planned to be added to FG core). Only a partial list, search the scenery forum for details. Some of the output of projects like Hawaii terrain has been integrated into Terrasync.
  • Screenshots in this page are extremely outdated.

Some of these may have been obsoleted by the release of the new world scenery in November 2013.

  • France: Custom scenery for France with improved landcover information and more detailed elevation information (no improvements on the objects) is under development. See the Custom France Scenery page.
  • Innsbruck (Austria) area: The scenery currently covers a 1x1 degree area containing parts of Austria and Germany, and makes use of accurate data from the Corine Land Cover, and Open Street Map projects. See this forum post and the August 2009 newsletter for details.
  • LOWI & Austria Scenery Preview: This scenery includes the Innsbruck scenario and is much more complete than the previous. It is still experimental, but should try it as having been really good. Info and download can be found here.
  • Canary Islands: custom scenery for the Canary Islands with improved terrain, objects, vegetation, building, reworked airports, mostly with buildings and furniture. Check out the wiki page.

  • Venezuela: Project Venezuela: custom scenery for Venezuela by J. Redpath, with improved airport layouts, and objects at several airports. Highly improved over TerraSync status.