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This article describes content/features that may not yet be available in the latest stable version of FlightGear (2020.3).
You may need to install some extra components, use the latest development (Git) version or even rebuild FlightGear from source, possibly from a custom topic branch using special build settings: .

This feature is scheduled for FlightGear (unknown). 10}% completed

If you'd like to learn more about getting your own ideas into FlightGear, check out Implementing new features for FlightGear.

As of 02/2017, James merged the preview / splash-screen changes to next. This needs an update of Simgear, FlightGear and FGData. Next pieces James is planning to work on:

  • bright red warning message for unstable / night builds
  • showing startup hint text to replace the license / website info after N seconds (N = 4 or 5, probably)
  • whatever bugs / suggestion people give me.

The Seneca and B1900d are the current examples for how this works, or try the UFO (or any other aircraft without its own splash screens) to see the new layout.

James expects tweaks to the text sizing, especially handling of long authors / description strings. Suggestions there welcome. [1]

James is working on overhauling the splash screens to include more information and improve the layout. As a result, he needs some new splash-screen assets, so he thought he would ask for contributions!


  • 1024 x 768 resolution
  • no border, text or logo elements (basically a screenshot)
  • very minimal post-processing (I won't say none, but no graphical effects we can't do in the sim, such as blur or lens flare)
  • only featuring standard scenery and aircraft, no other add-ons
  • makes the simulator look good :)
  • variation across the screens - if everyone submits screens of the 707 or Shuttle, I will still only pick one of that aircraft!

Currently we have five splash screens, I will pick a similar number (between four and eight) based on what people offer!


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