Cessna Citation X

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=== The autopilot ===
[[File:Citation-x-autopilot.png|thumb|Cockpit screenshot with highlighting of autopilot features (designer of Citation X plane: Syd Adams]]
''As of version 2.12, the autopilot appears to still have some stability issues, and using either the horizontal localiser or glideslope locking of an ILS signal caused the autopilot to put me into a highly unstable situation (extreme bank angle, upside down), although on the forum I have read of others who have not experienced these difficulties and apparently have carried out semi-automatic landings with the Citation X autopilot. If you encounter instability in any other autopilot mode you can try to turn off auto-coordination (i.e. do not use option --enable-auto-coordination option, which links rudder to aileron movements). Also you must only engage the autopilot from a stable situation, i.e. level or small bank and pitch angles. Please note that I have no knowledge of the internals of the autopilot, so some of the information below might be inaccurate''
Basic mode
* AP: engages/disengages the autopilot - this switch works as a toggle switch. On first engaging the autopilot, it will reduce the bank angle to zero and keep the pitch direction. You can adjust the pitch with the 'nose' up/dn wheel on the autopilot unit, or equivalently the UP and DN buttons on the GUI. It is no longer possible to control the attitude or climb and sink rate directly with the elevator as the autopilot will adjust the elevator trim to counter any movement of the yoke.
(Note that this behaviour is slightly different to that described in <refname="CitXSec3">(Citation X - Section III Instrument and Avionics)[]</ref>) 
* STBY: cancel all horizontal and vertical modes and revert to basic mode of pitch and roll control
The CO and YD buttons are active buttons in the cockpit but do not seem to have any effect.
=== Configuration speed limits <ref>(Citation X - Section III Instrument and Avionics)[http:name="CitXSec3" //]</ref> ===
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