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Eurocopter EC130 B4

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This is a model of a the '''Eurocopter EC130 B4''', a single engine light [[helicopter]] based on and developed from the [[Ecureuil AS 350 Helicopter|AS350]]'s.
=== The Real Thing ===
Indeed “EC130 B4” is just a marketing name by [[Eurocopter]], now known as Airbus Helicopters, the real name is still AS350 B4B4”. It is a widebody variant of the AS350 B3 “AS350 B3” with a completely new designed passenger cabin and fuselage and rotor and hydraulics system from the AS355. It is also equipped with a fan tail (fenestron) instead of the conventional two-blade tailrotor. With this the EC130 B4 “EC130 B4” is much less noisier than other helicopters of this class.
The helicopter was designed especially for tours, so it features a great visibility, a left-seated pilot and plenty of space inside. The EC130 B4 “EC130 B4” is also used by the police in Long Beach/CA and by several medical services.
The EC130 B4 “EC130 B4” has been built until 2013. Now As of 2014 it is replaced by the improved EC130 T2“EC130 T2”, with which was renamed to '''“H130”''' in 2015. It has a new and more powerful Turbomeca Arriel 2D engine and a 70% modified airframe. The exterior, cockpit and interior has been also modified.<ref>{{cite web |url= |title=H130(EC130 T2 ) | }}</ref>
=== The FlightGear Model===
The This model of the EC130 B4 “EC130 B4” was built using very detailed drawings, the Pilots Flight Manual and pilot reports.

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