Canvas ND Framework

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Adding new features
{{Note|Please get in touch with [[User:Gijs]] before touching navdisplay.styles, and don't touch navdisplay.mfd without coordinating your work via the forum first.
If you are primarily interested in porting/adding new '''mapping''' layers (such as e.g. waypoints, route, weather etc), please see the [[MapStructure]] article for details.
Otherwise, this section is focused on dealing with non-mapping aspects, i.e. ND-specific SVG symbols and animating them via properties and calculations. Typically, a new symbol will require 10-20 lines of code added to navdisplay.mfd styles - it will typically take 5-10 minutes to add a new animated symbol to the ND.}}
If you want to add new features to the navdisplay.styles code, you need to open that file and map an existing SVG element to a Nasal callback routine - that's how everything is working currently. A straightforward examples can be found in the implementation of the '''planArcs''' symbol animation: